Warm Season Turf Program

For Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoysia Grass


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Round 1: Pre-Spring Treatment

This application we apply pre and post-emergent weed control products that will prevent and eliminate broadleaf weeds. The pre-emergent product we use will prevent 100’s of early spring weeds from taking root. This is essential for the lawn to get the year started right.

Round 2: Spring Treatment

We will apply another round of pre and post-emergent weed control that will kill broadleaf weeds and prevent weeds from germinating so they don’t become a problem. We also apply a high nitrogen fertilizer that will encourage your lawn to emerge from dormancy.

Round 3: Late Spring Treatment

During this round we convert over from liquid to granular fertilizers. This fertilizer is controlled release based on temperature NOT moisture. This fertilizer is packed with nitrogen and other nutrients so your lawn will be healthy and green. Spot treatment of weeds as needed.

Round 4: Summer Treatment

On most established customers we use another granular controlled released fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and green. New customers with weed problems will receive a liquid lawn treatment that includes broad spectrum weed control product that kills and help prevent common weeds that infect lawns in the summer.

Round 5: Late Summer Treatment

Our late summer lawn treatment is a high powered potassium based granular fertilizer. During this time of year it is crucial for the lawn to take up these nutrients to store before entering dormancy to ensure a strong healthy lawn.

Round 6: Fall Treatment

Before the lawn enters into dormancy we will apply a liquid application which includes the #1 pre-emergent weed control product on the market to prevent weeds as well as a broad spectrum weed control product to eliminate weeds. This long-lasting pre-emergent weed control treatment keeps cool season grassy weeds from growing in the lawn when dormant.

Round 7: Winter Treatment

For most current customers the final application of the year is a treatment of lime to condition the lawn. Spot treatment of weeds as needed. New customers with weed problems can request a liquid lawn application that includes a broad spectrum weed control product that works well in cold temperatures and is effective against 200+ weeds.